We are open to submissions!

Why publish with us? SEG Publishing is an independent boutique publisher of Mysteries, Thrillers, and Suspense. We do not publish non-fiction, sci-fi, paranormal, or fantasy.

We believe in transparency and communication. We look for strong partnerships and work closely with our authors.

We will consider previously published authors and first-time novelists. We accept agent or author submissions. We are dedicated to each book we publish.

We do not offer advances but we do offer competitive royalty shares plus full editorial, formatting, and marketing and publicity support.

Submissions that will catch our attention first include female detective series, comedic crime series, and psychological suspense. We look for strong characters and fast-paced reads. Keep us on the edge of our seats!

Our e-books are exclusive to Amazon and Kindle Unlimited, our paperback books are distributed widely through Ingram. We give every submission great consideration. What is not right for us may be perfect for another publisher.

If interested in submitting, please do so to this email:


  1. Your full length manuscript in pdf form
  2. A 3 paragraph synopsis
  3. Your genre
  4. 100 words about you